Life gets so busy with all that fills your schedule. Appointments, conference calls and social activities compete for spots on your calendar. Even the little time you have left seems to fill with chores and errands. Overnight Camping | Southeastern Expeditions


You need a break.


But sometimes going away for the weekend isn’t enough. An overnight camping trip will provide you with the tools you need to truly relax by relieving stress in the following ways three ways.

Truly Unplugging


Nothing can encourage you to truly unplug from your everyday life quite like a camping trip. It removes you from the TV, the computer, and all the other day-to-day devices that require electricity.


The only thing left to distract you is your phone. Although cell phone coverage continues to expand, you won’t be tempted to check Instagram when the beautiful outdoors are surrounding you. Believe it or not, the world will go on even when you turn your phone off. It may take a few hours or so to adjust, but once you do, your mind and body will be in such a refreshed state that you will be better able approach life in a healthy, appreciative way once your trip is over.

Relieving Stress Through Perspective


Sometimes life is hard to make sense of when you are right in the middle of it. Camping allows you to take a hike away from life’s intricacies to the top of a mountain or deep in the woods so you can examine life’s big picture. That big picture will remind you that the things that once seemed so massive and stressful are in fact a manageable size.


Additionally, calming sounds like crickets chirping and the nearby river splashing will replace the obnoxious noises of car horns honking that you’re used to. Hills towering over you against a blue sky and trees spreading their arms to shade your campsite will provide visual stress relief from the texts and notifications of your wild workweek.


Enjoying Your Friends and Family


Camping allows you the time to get away with those you care about the most. Pitching a tent together builds a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Sitting around a campfire will generate deep conversations and laughter that will be remembered for a lifetime. This shared feeling that comes from watching a stunning sunset or hiking along a trail by a lake will draw you closer together. When you do end up back at your desk on Monday you will have peace knowing that you did what matters most in life, spending time with those you care about.


No matter who you are, you can benefit from an overnight camping trip and the stress relief it will bring you. Life is too short to not enjoy the outdoors. If you’re interested in planning your stress relieving adventure today, contact Southeastern Expeditions!