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Canoe & Kayak Clinics

Canoe, Kayak Clinics for Every Skill Level

Our goal is to provide you with a challenging instructional clinic on the white waters in Georgia to increase your skills while still having fun! Southeastern Expeditions provides instruction for the first time boater who wants to learn basic paddling skills or the intermediate paddler who wants to practice technique. Our professional instructors are second to none when it comes to knowledge of whitewater in GA, and safety is paramount on all of our paddling excursions.
It is important that you choose a level that reflects your experience with the white waters of Georgia while meeting your personal goals. We offer many different opportunities to experience various levels of paddling on the Chattooga river so read below to find out what level is right for you!

*All clinics on the white water in GA include lunch.

Beginning Clinic on the Chattooga River

We run our beginning Canoe and Kayak instruction on Section II of the Chattooga River, located outside of Clayton, GA. This clinic on the white water in GA is designed to give a first time paddler the confidence and comfort of being in a boat. We work on basic paddle strokes such as forward strokes, sweep strokes and others that allow you to turn. We’ll teach you about reading water and catching eddies, peeling out and ferries. In the Kayak clinic we’ll teach you how to wet exit your boat, and, based on your comfort, you may learn an Eskimo Roll. After you have some initial kayaking experience we suggest you come back just for a roll clinic. After lunch you’ll take on some solid class II and III white water in Georgia. We know you’ll love it, and come back for some of our more advanced clinics.