Save 10% on Large Group Bookings! More Gathering, More Saving, More Adventure
Save 10% on Large Group Bookings! More Gathering, More Saving, More Adventure

Bring Learning to Life With School Rafting Trips

Tired of seeing your students zoned out in front of screens, buried under textbooks, and drifting off during lectures? Well, it is time to add a splash of adventure to your curriculum. At Southeastern Expeditions, we love taking students on guided rafting tours that change the way they perceive the world.

Put the Textbooks Aside. A Rafting Adventure Awaits!

School trips can be mundane at times. Make your field trips more fun with Southeastern Expeditions. Our school rafting trips are the best way to teach children about local geography, teamwork, and leadership. Join our experienced guides and raft through the Chattooga rapids with your students.

Schools Love Rafting With Us. Here’s Why.

School kids enjoying river rafting

Safety First, Always.

Top-of-the-line Equipment: We understand the responsibility on your shoulders. Therefore, we ensure that our equipment is of the best quality to avoid mishaps.

Certified Guides: Our rafting guides are highly experienced professionals who have undergone thorough training and are prepared for all situations.

Safety Briefings: Before hopping onto the raft, the entire group gets a safety briefing which will prepare them for this rafting session.

School girls near waterfall

Learn More, Grow More.

Hands-on Learning: Our school rafting trips are designed to offer opportunities for hands-on learning of hydrology and river ecosystems.

Cultural and Historical Insights: Since we are located in a cultural and historical significant hub, this trip also makes time for interdisciplinary exploration.

Environmental awareness: Rafting in a secluded natural environment helps students gain a deeper appreciation for nature and how they can protect our waterways.

People enjoying white water rafting

Convenient Location

Accessible Transportation: Our outpost is easily accessible for school groups that are arriving on chartered buses. So, no worries about transportation.

Easy Reservations: Schools may easily reserve their spaces in advance by pre-booking their trips!

Group Discounts: School rafting trips are now more affordable! We offer discounts to large group bookings - the more, the merrier.

Bring Your Group

Get 10% OFF

Share the adventure and save more with bigger groups!

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Nature-Packed Adventures

Expert-Led Guidance

Team Building Opportunites

river rafting at chattooga river
White water rafting at chattooga river

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