Save 10% on Large Group Bookings! More Gathering, More Saving, More Adventure
Save 10% on Large Group Bookings! More Gathering, More Saving, More Adventure

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Booking and Reservations

Thanks for considering us as your rafting partners. Our rafting trip times and availability are always on the move, so it’s best to give our reservation office a ring at 1-800-868-7238 to know what’s available. They’ll hook you up with all the details you need to plan your trip.

We take our age limits seriously, with no exceptions. Ages below 8 are not allowed to board the raft. We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience, so we stick to our rules. With us, it is safety first, always.

We’ve got a cancellation policy in place for all prepaid spaces. If you decide to cancel your trip up to 30 days prior, you’ll get a full refund. 

If it’s between 7 to 29 days before the trip, you’re looking at a 50% refund. 

Once we’re within 7 days of the trip date, unfortunately, there won’t be any refunds.

When you book a rafting trip with us, you’re getting the whole package! That includes all the gear and equipment you’ll need, a knowledgeable guide to lead the way, taxes, and fees all sorted out. If you’re signed up for a full-day adventure, we’ve got lunch covered too.
We’ve made it easy for you to book your adventure with us. We accept a variety of credit cards for payment, including Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Visa. If you’ve got a gift card, we accept that too!

Before you hit the rapids with us, you’ll need to sign a release form or waiver. It’s just a standard procedure to ensure you understand the risks involved and agree to follow our safety guidelines. Your safety is our top priority, so we appreciate your cooperation in filling out the necessary paperwork before we embark on our adventure together.

Preparation for Your Trip

Unfortunately, we do not offer any lodgings at Southeastern Expeditions. However, we do have some amazing recommendations in the area surrounding our outpost. Whether you are looking for a cozy cabin or a comfy bed & breakfast, we’ve got many suggestions to suit your preferences and budget.

When boarding the raft, we recommend leaving everything behind. However, if you want to capture memories, you can fasten a waterproof camera to your life jacket. 

If you need to take medication, we will offer you a dry bag for safety. Please notify your tour leader. Also, we have a space at the outpost where you can leave your car keys so they don’t get lost on the sea.

It is important to refuel and recharge on your trip and we’ve got that covered with a delicious lunch spread. You can choose from a buffet featuring deli & veggies, assorted lunch meats & chips, chips, fresh fruit, tuna, and some PBJ sandwiches. 

You can build your own plate according to your food preferences. Bon appétit!

Feel free to wear a pair of old tennis shoes, river sandals, or water shoes. These options will give you support and protection while keeping you comfortable. Just do us a favor and leave the flip-flops at home. They can easily slip off and aren’t the best choice.

During Your Trip

While we make every effort to keep you in the raft, you must understand that there is always a chance of taking an unexpected dip in the river. In case that happens, don’t worry! Our guides are trained to handle such situations and will have you back in the raft in no time.
While we love your furry companion, we do not allow pets on the rafts or at the outpost. You must know that this is to ensure that they remain safe since the outpost is not a comfortable place for any kind of pet.
Unfortunately, we do not offer babysitting services for younger children. However, if your child is 12 years old or above, feel free to bring them along so that they can experience this adventure with you!
At Southeastern Expeditions, we have a reputation for leading the safest excursions over the Chattooga River. We ensure your safety by the following practices: 
  1. We have highly trained professionals with extensive experience in whitewater rafting as guides.
  2. Before hitting the rapids, all guides and rafters receive thorough safety training. 
  3. We guarantee that everyone on the raft is wearing a correctly fitting PFD at all times. 
  4. We supply you with helmets to increase your safety.
  5. Our rafts are equipped with an essential emergency kit to handle any unforeseen situation. 
  6. The group sizes organized on rafts are manageable to ensure that you get individual attention from your guide. 
  7. Lastly, we monitor the weather conditions each day and may reschedule the trip in case of severe weather conditions. 

After Your Trip

Yes, We provide high-quality photography services for preserving the most memorable moments from your vacation.

Our photo-boater will accompany you during the trip and capture precious memories. After the trip, we will host a photo show where you can take a look at all of the photographs taken during your adventure. You may purchase the prints directly from us or in a digital version on a CD format.

Besides rafting, the Chattooga region provides a range of outdoor activities, including hiking, waterfall exploration, fishing, camping, horseback riding, bicycling and of course shopping and dining.
Absolutely! We’ve got you covered with a changing area equipped with hot showers and bathrooms right at our outpost. So, feel free to bring along a change of clothes and a towel. After your adventure on the water, you can freshen up and relax before heading off to your next destination.
No, our rafting trips don’t start and end at the same location. You’ll meet us at our outpost, and from there, we’ll shuttle you to the starting point of the trip using our bus. At the end of the adventure, our bus will pick you up from the endpoint and return you to your vehicle parked at the outpost. It’s a seamless way to ensure you’re taken care of from start to finish.
river rafting at chattooga river
White water rafting at chattooga river

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