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How to Prepare for a Multi-day Rafting Trip

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go on a multi-day rafting trip without hoarding your travel packs? Even if you are a frequent traveler, it’s always a task when it comes to packing for a multi-day trip. There are so many items you could take, it becomes challenging to choose the best. 

White water rafting is a great way to experience thrills, enjoy spectacular scenery, and bond with your companions. And if you are worried about the packaging – don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this blog, we will take you through all the essential items that you need to take for a multi-day rafting trip.

Also, we will list all the mistakes that you need to avoid to make your trip as smooth and fun as possible. 

What to Bring on an Overnight Rafting Trip

Some items needed for trip

So here you go. A rafting packing list that covers all the essentials of the trip: 

  • Clothing

2 Packed backpack ready to go

When it comes to such adventures, the weather might always change. It’s best to bring along a few layers for the rain. Make sure to also get some long underwear or a light fleece top in case you encounter some chilly or wet weather.

To maximize your comfort while rafting in Georgia, chattooga River finds some underwear that is compact, moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, comfortable, and lightweight.

If the weather’s cold, a hoodie is highly recommended.  If it’s lightweight, water-resistant, and compactable, that’s even better. If you’re rafting during the colder months, bring along a knitted cap to be extra safe. 

  • Personal Items

Some Personal Hygiene Items for the trips

  1. Body wipes: When you go several days without a shower, you — and all your other travel companions — will appreciate the body wipes.
  2. UPF-rated sun shirt: For hotter weather, make sure to bring along a shirt that won’t just protect you from UV rays, but will also keep you cool. Find a brand that has a built-in cooling mechanism that is activated by sweat.
  3. Ponytail holders: You don’t want your hair obstructing your view as you speed down some rapids. It’s a good idea to get enough scrunchies for the trip.
  4. Toiletries: Make sure your essential toiletries, from medications to contact lenses, are close by and easy to access.
  5. Sunscreen and lip balm: Although many of us associate sunscreen with the hot, summer months, this protective cream should be worn on spring and fall trips as well. Store it in a sealable plastic bag to keep it from making a mess inside your luggage, and remember to bring along some lip balm with SPF.
  6. Moisturizing cream: On a rafting excursion, your hands will repeatedly get wet and dry off — and this cycle can wreak havoc on your skin. Protect your hands while paddling with a lotion or moisturizing cream
  • Safety Gear

A Person With Compass Near RiverFor the Trip

First of all, you will need paddling pants and jackets. These handy garments help to keep the spray off your legs. At our outpost, we provide these items free of charge.

Also, wetsuits. These suits, which provide thermal insulation and protection against abrasion, are highly recommended for white water rafting in Chattooga River. This is something else we provide at our outpost, so you don’t have to worry about getting these from home. 

Don’t forget to also pack your navigation tools, such as a compass. Get a battery-operated compass, and a torch so that you don’t have to charge them. Also, remember to take all your medicines in handy for the time. 

  • Camping Essentials

 Camping Tent With Beautiful River View

  1. Sarong: One of the trip’s must-haves is a Sarong, which is a particularly flexible accessory for both men and women.  You can use it to dry off after a swim, protect your skin from the sun, or put it over your seat so your legs don’t get dirty. You can also use it as a pillow, bandage, or headdress. 
  2. Dry Bags: Another lifesaver is a dry bag. But remember that it won’t keep things dry unless you know how to close it correctly. Ask your guide to make sure your technique of rolling and buckling is right. You should be able to carry your day dry bag easily in one arm. Any fragile items should be stored in your day bag to minimize the chance of them being damaged when the boat is being loaded and unloaded.
  3. Camera: Traveling down the Chattooga and Ocoee Rivers, you’re going to pass some pretty beautiful landscapes and create some fun memories, so don’t forget to bring along a camera — ideally one that’s waterproof. If not waterproof, keep it in a waterproof case or a bag you can trust.
  4. Bug spray: Don’t let pests detract from the beautiful sights and sounds around you. 
  • Food and water

 Girl Drinking water at mountain

Although you may not consider yourself much of a water drinker, this habit will need to change once you arrive. You will be exerting yourself by paddling, unloading boats, and hiking, so it’ll be easy to get dehydrated if you don’t get enough water. For this reason, bring at least one large water bottle, or ideally two — and make sure to drink them. 

It’s also a good idea to bring along some of your favorite snacks on the trip. Although there will be plenty of food to go around, with your favorite snacks, it will be even more fun. If you want to keep your energy levels up, you can bring snacks like protein bars for the trip. 

  • Footwear 

Footwear for the Trip

Flip-flops: Although not recommended while rafting, flip-flops are a good footwear option for when you reach your camp and want to let your feet dry out. Try to find a pair with several strap options and rugged, grippy soles. 

Broken-in shoes: Uncomfortable shoes can ruin an otherwise pleasant whitewater rafting trip. Even if you’ve done your research and bought the perfect pair of rafting shoes for everyone in your family, if you don’t break them in before the vacation, you might all have blisters from the first hike. After buying your shoes, walk around in them for a few days to break them in. 

So here you have it, your go-to checklist for packing that you can refer to for any multi-day rafting trip. It’s easier if you pack it in a duffle bag, especially one with a broad strap so that it’s easier to carry. 

Avoid These Common Packing Mistakes

 A Person Looking at a River with backpack

We feel it is just as important to mention a few items that you shouldn’t bring:

  • Plastic poncho: This may work for an amusement park, but it won’t keep you dry on a long whitewater rafting trip when it rains for several days straight. A cheap plastic poncho is also a pain to hike in, doesn’t keep out the wind and will likely get caught on trees and bushes. Instead, invest in a quality rain jacket.
  • Naked sunglasses: If you wear regular sunglasses on your rafting trip, that first splash of water in your face will send them right to the bottom of the river. We recommend a brand such as Croakies or Chums that won’t fall off when you’re plunging through the rapids.
  • Cotton socks: Cotton is not going to keep you warm and dry when it’s wet and windy. If you want your feet to be comfortable, opt for synthetic or wool instead.
  • Makeup: If you usually wear makeup, leave it at home. Even if you have a pimple, no one will judge.
  • Glass bottles: Try your best not to bring any glass bottles on the trip with you, as they could endanger our rigs. If you’re bringing liquor or wine, transfer it to a steel or plastic bottle. We want to avoid broken glass in our rafts and on our beaches.

What Makes Multi-Day Rafting Trips Unique

Multi-day rafting trips are one of a kind. It lets you observe nature from up close, getting immersed in all that it has to offer. It might take a bit more effort, but trust us, it is worth it. The opportunity to wake up to the cry of the hills, drench yourself in the fun of the river, and sleep under the twinkling stars. What better way to involve yourself in the majesty of nature? 

With Southeastern Expeditions, you will have little to worry about. With amazing customizable packages that cater to your every need, you can enjoy your rafting trip to the fullest. It’s a journey that you simply cannot miss.

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