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How To Become a River Guide

Rafting is one of those activities you can never get enough of. Whether it is the rapid currents that give you an adrenaline rush, or the calm of the ripples- it’s a feeling that many people want to stay close to. 

What if we told you that there was a way you could live with this feeling for years? Becoming a river guide is one of the most rewarding ways you can turn your passion into your career. However, the way to do that might be a bit confusing. After all, it is not one of those professions that you can go into with a regular resume. 

If you are thinking about how to become a river guide, we are here to help you out. In this blog, we will go through the process of becoming a river guide, and all that you need to know before venturing into this wonderful journey. Let’s get started! 

Why become a Professional Rafting Guide? 

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If you still have cold feet about this profession, we are here to help get rid of that hesitation. Imagine getting to live in beautiful surroundings and being close to nature every day as a part of your job. Additionally, the excitement of meeting like-minded people and introducing them to fun activities is sure to satisfy your wanderlust. 

The best part is that it isn’t just limited to your physical well-being. See, tackling rapidly doesn’t just require physical strength.  Over time, living by the rapids will teach you new things about yourself and you will learn to overcome even the toughest of battles by challenging yourself mentally and physically in the best way possible. 

We understand that this might look like a big, scary step right now.  However, everything will start to seem like a new opportunity with the right company. 

How To Become A River Guide?

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To keep it simple: think about the why behind your interest, and leave the how, to us. So if you have the passion and courage it takes to take on the river, here is how you can work up on your dream of becoming a river guide.

  • Fall in Love With Rafting:

 If you want to be involved in the professional world of rafting, you must be completely committed to it. You will have to be interested in finding out all the nooks and crannies of the river, and to fall in love with its untamed beauty. 

Being a professional guide is more than just tackling the rapids of a river. You’ll be informing your rafters about this terrain and for that to happen, you must be well informed about every rock and eddy on the route.

Let; ‘s face it, unless the rapids feel like home to you, you will not be able to provide it the effort it needs. Moreover, you won’t be happy with the job and will be less focused too. This would be hazardous for both you and your clients.

  • Assessing Your Skills and Readiness: 

It is very necessary to assess your skill set before diving into this profession. Physical fitness and swimming ability are non-negotiable, as well as a quick response time. Moreover, you will need to have an enthusiasm for leadership, since you need to interact with different kinds of people. 

Other than that, your communication skills and problem-solving skills will be tested on the rapids as well. All in all, you need to be able to think on your feet and be attentive to every minute detail. 

  • Learn About The Rivers: 

Next, you would need to expand your knowledge regarding rivers, and how they function. You can start by familiarizing yourself with the various kinds of rivers, which can range from peaceful streams to tricky whitewater rapids. You will also need to learn at least the basics of hydrology, including water currents and rain cycles. 

Plus, you will need to have some knowledge of the geography of the area, and its flora and fauna. Being informed about the hazards that can occur in the area, and the rescue measures is also essential. 

  • Getting Certified: 

And finally, you need to get the required certifications to become a river guide. There are many certifications that you can get as a guide and each of these would help you become more capable on the river. 

So, how do you get certified as a river guide? You can start by looking at the different certification courses provided by reputable organizations, and try your best to excel at them. You will need certifications in First Aid, CPR, and Swiftwater Rescue among others, so look into those in depth.

Once you’ve made up your mind, you’ll have to ensure that you practice and study the given courses as much as you can. Remember, these certifications aren’t just to ensure that you get a job. They are to make sure that you’ll be able to tackle every situation that comes your way.

  • Crafting Your Resume: 

Lastly, you need to make sure that your resume highlights all your relevant skills, and interestingly does this. Be sure to mention all your certifications and relevant experience in a way that is crisp but informative, and you will be all set. 

Start by highlighting the certifications you have received. Whether it’s your First Aid, CPR, or Swiftwater Rescue certifications, each one is a valuable asset that will set you apart from the crowd. After this, mention any relevant experience you may have. Whether you’ve been a lifeguard, a swimming instructor, or a professional rafter on a team, every venture counts. 

Your Journey Begins Now! 

As veterans in this field, we cannot overemphasize the joy and growth that comes with being connected with the river. If you feel that you’re passionate enough about rafting and would love to introduce more people to this adventure, you are perfectly cut out for this job. As a rafting guide, you will get to challenge yourself daily, help others grow, and come out feeling like a winner. 

It is an amazing opportunity to learn and grow, so jump aboard! You can join us on this journey, and get the certifications you need from Southeastern Expeditions to get you started. Who knows, you might be a part of our team someday!

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