Southeastern Expeditions Welcomes Eclipse Hunters to Clayton Georgia

It was a truly memorable day here at Southeastern Expeditions, as our guides led a large group of rafters through class 4 and 5 rapids, before reaching a calm area of the riverbank on which to experience the solar eclipse.

Cries of “It’s happening!” arose from all sides as a sudden shadow fell over the trees.  Visitors reported that the water of the Chattooga river appeared to turn green, while even the rocks on the river bank took on a greenish hue.  

Through our ISO standard safety glasses for viewing the sun, we watched the dark disc of the moon slowly cover the entire surface of the sun, until a deep darkness covered our whole expedition.  

There are few experiences more fulfilling than one of nature’s most awe-inspiring events on one of America’ last Wild and Scenic Rivers.  Thank you to everyone who joined us for Monday’s expedition!

Here is the Invitation We Sent Out for the Rafting Expedition

Millions of people from all over the United States are reportedly traveling to a narrow band about 70 miles wide that reaches all the way across the US and passes directly over Clayton Georgia, the home for nearly 50 years to Southeastern Expeditions White Water Rafting Outfitters.

This Monday, August 21st, Southeastern Expeditions will be plunged into darkness in one of the most unforgettable cosmic events you can experience from the earth’s surface.

Where better to experience this chilling, awe-inspiring vision than on one of America’s last Wild and Scenic Rivers, the mighty Chattooga.


Safely Experience the Eclipse from one of America’s Great Rivers

Did you know that you should never look at the eclipse directly?  Although the moon appears to block the sun’s rays, they can still penetrate the darkness and do lasting damage to your eyes.  Regular sunglasses won’t help either.  The best way to view the eclipse itself is to get out in the wilderness away from any man-made lights or noises, and let yourself be overtaken by the sudden presence of nightime and stars in the middle of the day.

Southeastern Expeditions will provide safety glasses for all rafters, along with instructions for how to experience the solar eclipse safely. 


Secluded Lake off the Chattooga River Provides an Unforgettable Experience of the Eclipse

Our expert white water rafting guides will be leading two expeditions out along the Chattooga during the Solar Eclipse.  One of those expeditions will view the eclipse from a becalmed section of the river, where they will have a moment to relax from their journey and experience the wonder of a Total Solar Eclipse in Clayton Georgia. 

The other group will be drawn by boat out into the middle of a pristine mountain lake off the Chattooga river, for an experience of the eclipse they will never forget, surrounded by the beauty of nature at one of its most awe inspiring moments. 


Reserve Your Spot Now for this Once in a Lifetime Event in Northern Georgia

All reservations for Monday’s expeditions must be completed by Sunday morning, the 20th.  Please reserve your spot now as spaces will fill up fast. 

We’re looking forward to sharing the memories with you on the mighty Chattooga.



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