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Feel free to check our easy-to-see chart, but in plain language it’s like this:

You can ride with us on sections III or IV of the mighty Chattooga, and the trips will be 6 and 7 hours respectively. Everything actually increases when you proceed from section III to IV. The age limit goes from 10 years of age to 12, the difficulty goes from beginner and intermediate to intermediate and advanced, and the price also rises by about $20 dollars.

But it’s quite worth it as the increase covers the extra hour and the trouble of hauling you over the most incredible rapids you’ll ever ride. If you want to save time, you’ll be having such a bully trip over whitewater that the extra hour should feel like 15 wet minutes.

Georgia River Rafting Packages

Section IV

Trip Length: 7 hours
Class III-V Rafting, intermediate to advanced
Lunch: included
Minimum age: 12
Weekday Rate: Call
Saturday Rate:
Sunday Rate:


*Section IV Special Deals ONLY Available during these timeframes: March 1 – May 1 and Weekend following Labor Day – October 31*


Section III

Trip Length: 6 hours
Class II-IV Rafting, beginner to intermediate
Lunch: included
Minimum age: 10
Weekday Rate: Call
Saturday Rate
Sunday Rate


*Section III Special Deals ONLY Available during these timeframes: March 1 – May 1 and Weekend following Labor Day – October 31*

At this point you probably have at least one question. Look around our site for more information. If you don’t find an answer call us at 1-800-868-7238 and we’ll start guiding you right now. Just know that one of the items on our bucket list is to get you into a raft on the Chattooga river immediately.

Which reminds us…we almost forgot to tell you what Guinekelokee means. According to John H. Goff in the Placenames of Georgia, it means “overflow creek.”

Speaking of names, don’t forget what everyone who really knows a lot about whitewater rafting call our rapids: “Corkscrew,” “Jawbone” and “Sock-em Dog.” They’re insane, really. (The rapids. WE know what we’re doing.) But we still make sure a 12 year old child can handle them. Boys, girls – bring them all. This is a family river and we run a down-home operation that you’re unlikely to beat. To prove it, we invite you to come out on the water with us, where we’ll give you lunch. Your only job will be to keep it dry and eat while you paddle. Naa, not really! We give you a break to eat and we can make sure the food gets there dry! Your job is to paddle.Ready for the fun, power and splishy-splash of a class IV rapid? We’ll it’s waiting for you. And don’t bother bringing your rubber ducky. You’d lose it anyway. But you can bring your kids as we intend to keep them with you like it or not.

Now have you heard of the Chatooga, Chatuga, Chautaga and our favorite, the Guinekelokee rivers? They’re all us – just derivations of the mighty Chattooga, which is the name that everyone has basically settled on.

Lastly, did you know the Cherokee Indian nation lived here first and called the river home? Actually they called it Tsatu-gi, which means either “has crossed the river” or “drank by sips” and we deduce from it that white-water rafting was not among their activities as we at Southeastern know you cannot cross our river without drinking by gulps, unless you trek with Andy.

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