What to Pack on an Overnight Camping Trip?

what to pack on an overnight camping trip | Southeastern expeditions
  • George Washington

  • Sir Edmund Hillary

  • Winston Churchill

  • Jack London

  • Moses

  • You

What have you got in common…?


You’ve committed.

You’re not just going out into the wild for a day.

You’re going into the wild for one crazy night, too.

Perhaps you’re wondering what to bring.

Take a list from the Boy Scouts, founded in England back in 1908 by Sir Robert Baden Powell, hero of the Boer War.

  • You’ll need a net – used by Scouting’s founder in South Africa to disguise himself as an entomologist and wander close to enemy fortifications and hide sketches of them in his diary – penned in the form of butterflies.
  • You’ll need a spear – used by Scouting’s founder to kill wild pigs, the subject of his first book on the art of Pig Sticking.

  • You WON’T need a collapsible bath – used by Scouting’s founder to bathe in the woods…

….YOU will have the Chattooga River.


You say that you haven’t a spear or a net? Well, in that case we’ll give you a paddle – and you’ll just have to find another way to catch the mosquitos.

As for the rest of your gear, here are the 10 essentials that Scouting made famous and you should ideally bring on every trip that you take outside.

  1. Navigation
    Traditionally this is a map and compass. Our guides will be handling this, namely by following the Chattooga, so you shouldn’t need them unless you really want to know where you are; in which case you we suggest you purchase a waterproof map.

    Just don’t go wandering off in the middle of the night and you’ll be fine.

  2. Sun protection
    Do bring a (1) pair of sunglasses. Use a neck string so you don’t lose it. You’ll also need (2) sunscreen and a full brim (3) hat or a baseball cap.  

  3. Clothing

(4) Layered clothes will keep you warm and allow you the option of removing clothes when you feel too hot. This is important in the Fall when it’s cool, and even in the summer when the nights get chilly.
Include a (5) jacket and lightweight (6) rain gear and (7) extra clothing for lazing about the campground, or in case you’re soaked. Don’t forget (8) camp shoes and (9) socks and a (10) towel.

  1. Light
    Bring a (11) flashlight or a headlamp so you can see in the dark.

  2. First-aid
    We provide complete first aid kits, but it’s on the ten essentials list – if you’d like to pack your own small kit for easy personal access, feel free to do so. Don’t forget to bring your (12) medications.

You may also need (13) insect repellent.

  1. Fire
    We’re providing your fire, which we’ll use to catch all of the fish you catch…if you bring a (14) valid fishing license and (15) gear.

  2. Repair kit and tools
    Did we mention our boats don’t break? You won’t need any tools. But you will need (16) toiletries and (17) soap – consider biodegradable soap so you won’t wreak havoc on our wilderness.

    Did you know there’s a scout camp where they make you drink your own dishwater so it doesn’t go into the soil? Camp with us instead.

    We don’t make you do that.  

  3. Food

Not only do we bring your food for dinner and breakfast, we also bring along utensils.
Whether or not you use them is up to you.

  1. Water
    Bringing (18) water bottles or a canteen is always a good idea, but not strictly necessary here.

  2. Shelter

We’re providing you with a tent. Bring your own (19) sleeping bag and (20) pad.

With this gear list based on the 10 essentials, you’ll be ready to have an exciting adventure, enjoy it and live to tell it over and over and over.

We should really offer you some compensation for all of the business you’re going to get us – but the best that we can do is recommend that you go buy a (21) camp chair that’s made of fabric and rolls down into your sleeping pad – ask anyone at REI or a good sporting goods store.

That way you can sit around the fire with us at night and impress everyone with your ghost stories and weird river tales…like a regular Jack London.

Just please leave your dog sled at home.







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