Overnight Rafting and Camping

Only with an overnight rafting trip can you really experience all of the facets of a southern river. From the moment you set out you’ll be adjusting to your paddle, raft, guide and the pristine surroundings of an older world, which is filled with wonder and adventure.

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Why Overnight Rafting Trips with Southeastern Expeditions are the Best Value in the Southeast

If you’re not up for mini-soap doilies and a chlorine pool, you’ll love camping with our rock-rugged guides at Southeastern Expeditions.

After an easy day’s paddle through section III and the beginning of section IV on the famed Chattooga River, we’ll treat you to a playful day and sumptuous night in Sumter National Forest. You’ll need the rest because the next day you’ll embark on section IV’s class three and four rapids – combating the likes of Corkscrew, Jawbone and the finale, Sock em Dog.  Just to name a few.

This is the best value that you’ll find in South Carolina or Georgia for an overnight river trip.

Why Overnight Rafting Trips with Southeastern Expeditions are the Best Value in the Southeast

Only with an overnight rafting trip can you really experience all of the facets of a southern river. From the moment you set out you’ll be adjusting to your paddle, raft, guide and the pristine surroundings of an older world, which is filled with wonder and adventure.

Now, when you go out for a day, it’s not long before the rapids swallow it. Your adrenaline takes over and you won’t be able to think about anything but getting over the crest of the biggest white water drop you’ve ever seen.

That makes for an awesome experience. But it goes fast, and we all know there’s more to nature than gritting teeth.

Talk to our guides. You’ll hear how they’re thrilled with their day jobs. They spend all of their time on this river that is by turns thrilling and harmonious. Their presence of mind comes not just with experience, but through all of the time they’ve spent communing with a deeper feeling, which our lovely Chattooga only brings to visitors in moments of contemplation and camaraderie. When you come for a day-trip, you’ll have a fantastic time. But when you come for an overnight, you’ll know what our guides do:

That the river is a portal into another world you’ll never want to leave.

White Water Rafting Weekends for Groups of all Sizes and Ages

Adventure seekers, explorers, scouts, friends, parents, kids. As long as you’re 12 years old and accompanied by an adult we’d love to have you. That being said, once we push off you’ll be stuck with us for about 35 hours.

Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • The rapids are intense
  • You’ll need to paddle a lot
  • You must follow your guide’s directions
  • You’ll get wet
  • Camp out
  • And eat steak


Relaxing Overnight Camping by the Chattooga River

Did we write steak? Okay, maybe it’ll be trout. Either way, if you can catch it – we’ll help you eat it. After a fun-filled day on the river our expert camp-cookie will prepare a fabulous BBQ repast that will allow you time to relax and enjoy the magnificence of the Chattooga. But in case you’re curious: our guides are professional, highly trained, certified in life-saving, wilderness survival, and make outstanding camp entrees.

In the morning you’ll arise to the scent of a hearty southern breakfast, which will provide you with the energy you’ll need to make it through an intense day of very exciting whitewater rafting.

What If I Don’t Have The Gear?

Don’t worry. We outfit you.

All you need to bring is a sleeping bag. Our guides will give you the rest. We have everything you’ll need and a planned itinerary that we’ve led visitors on more times than we can count.

What If I Want Something Different?

If you have a large group of 15 people or more, ask us about our custom overnight trips as well. We can guide you on:

  • Adventure tours
  • Corporate team training courses
  • Boy Scout expeditions

Want something special for your group? Call us. We’ll listen to you and be happy to devise the perfect experience along the wild Chattooga just for you!

What Are Some Fun Camping Options in Georgia?

When you visit us for a Chattooga River camping trip, you undoubtedly want to get out on the water. We offer great combination rafting-camping trips. You can also find other things to do along the river during your overnight trip.

We recommend kayaking and canoeing in combination with our overnight camping options in Georgia. We offer options for beginning, intermediate and advanced kayakers and canoers, allowing you to choose your skill level and receive instruction. Here’s what you can expect at each level:

  • Beginner: This clinic focuses on building your confidence and your stroke skills on Section II of the Chattooga.
  • Intermediate: Navigate Class III rapids with us as we teach you how to master your roll and read the local whitewater.
  • Advanced: For those who feel at home on Class IV rapids, this clinic will help perfect your techniques and introduce you to the most challenging waters in the area.


Enjoy a Group Overnight Camping Trip

Do you have a group looking for a fun activity to encourage bonding and exercise? An overnight excursion along the Chattooga may be just the thing for you. When you take a rafting and camping trip with us, you will experience challenges both mental and physical.

Your group will need to work together to navigate the rapids in the river and get dinner ready together at night. Our professional guides excel at pulling your group together to work toward a common goal. Whether you have all camped before or not, you will close out your adventure feeling closer as a team and invigorated by your success.

Our trips are ideal for:

  • Scouting troops: Boys and girls can gain confidence in their abilities and their leadership as they raft and set up camp.
  • Corporate groups: Nothing brings co-workers or professionals in different fields together faster than a shared test, and our rapids serve them up. You will reminisce fondly for weeks about what happens on the river.
  • Adventure seekers: Have you already tamed skiing, skating and bungee jumping? Then it’s time to dive into whitewater rafting and reward yourself with a camping trip afterward.

Where Can I Get Group Discounts on Camping in Georgia?

Group camping discounts/specials can save you a boatload. When you have 15 people or more, talk to us about our special rates. We can give you a deal that fits your budget and delivers all the excitement you are looking for in your group trip.

We’re Here All Year

And you can be, too.

Our overnights are always on – but you’ll have to schedule ahead if you’d like to go on Saturday or Sunday. If you can go during the week, and we have enough people, we’ll build you a trip then, too.

Call us now to squeeze into our schedule, at 1-800-868-7238.

Just The Facts

  • Trip Length: 2 Days, 1 Overnight
  • Rapid Class: II to V – Beginner to Advanced
  • Meals: 2 Lunches, 1 Dinner, 1 Breakfast
  • Minimum age: 12
  • Individual Rate Weekend: $425 (Trips start Friday or Saturday)
  • Individual Rate Weekday: $425 (Trips start Sunday thru Thursday)
  • Special Group Rate, 15 person minimum- Call for pricing

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