3 Reasons Overnight Rafting Trips Are Better Than Single Day Trips

3 Reasons Overnight Rafting Trips

White water rafting is a thrilling adventure that draws people to the great outdoors for an adrenaline rush like no other. You can pack a lot of excitement into one day on the river when white water rafting! But when you extend your trip into an overnight white water rafting experience, you, and your group, […]

5 Things to Do in the Georgia Mountains

5 Things to Do in the Georgia Mountains

The Georgia Mountains are a rich vault of outdoor adventure and natural beauty that attracts tourists all year long with a variety of thrilling activities. This area, which is tucked away in the state’s north, provides a ton of chances to get close to nature and make lifelong memories. The Georgia Mountains have something to […]

How to Join a White Water Rafting Community

How to Join a White Water Rafting Community

If you’re like most of our guests at Southeastern Expeditions, once you’ve experienced the thrill of white water river rafting, you’ll want to do it again and again. However, a challenge that many rafters face is finding like-minded individuals to go with them on their next adventure. When you go rafting with people who share […]

5 Myths About White Water Rafting

5 Myths About White Water Rafting

A lot of misconceptions surround the activity of white water rafting. Some people view it as dangerous, unpredictable, and exclusive to a few select groups. If you also find yourself wondering: is whitewater rafting safe? We are here to tell you that rafting is definitely safe, given that all the safety precautions are strictly followed. […]

White Water Rafting for the Disabled

The rush of white water rafting is an exhilarating experience that knows no boundaries, embracing adventure seekers of all abilities. Contrary to common misconceptions, even those with disabilities can partake in the thrill of navigating rapids. At Southeastern Expeditions, we believe that the river is for everyone, and we’re here to break down barriers. Our […]

White Water Rafting With Glasses

White water rafting is a thrilling activity that allows you to experience the power of nature up close. White water rafting is an exhilarating concept, but many people who wear glasses struggle with the question of whether they can wear their glasses while rafting. This article will address this frequent worry, go over the advantages […]

Rafting the Chattooga River in the rain.

North East Georgia is much like Florida with rain events all summer.  The reason you see the raft guides doing the rain dances is that the Chattooga is a free flow river.  This means that there is no dams or diversions on the Chattooga.  This Wild and Scenic River derives from some spring/aquifer water, but […]

Fun Facts About White Water Rafting

Gearing up for your first white water rafting trip? Consider yourself an expert on this river activity? No matter your experience, you may be curious about some white water rafting facts. Whether you want to know the history of river rafting or some information about commercial rafting trips, we’ve got you covered. White Water Rafting […]

White Water Rafting Tips for Families

Whitewater rafting is an exhilarating experience that entire families can enjoy. While not as traditional as, say, a beach or an amusement park, whitewater rafting is a perfectly family-friendly activity as long as your kids meet the minimum age requirement for the rapids you choose. Of course, to ensure that your children have a great […]

Top 10 Water Adventures Near Atlanta, Georgia (Photos)

When you want to cool off, bypass the pool and consider the other, more interesting water adventures available to you.  We’re talking about water adventures that don’t just cool you off, but also challenge you and create lasting memories. These could be anything from rafting and scuba diving to kiteboarding and stand-up paddle yoga. If […]