Great Team Building Trips in Georgia

People enjoying team building activities at Chattooga River

Tired of the “same old” corporate boardroom team-building activities that leave everyone bored and yearning to leave? Are you seeking a more fun way to motivate your team members and show them fresh approaches to solving issues and collaborating? The state of Georgia has no shortage of great team-building trip ideas, from calm and relaxed […]

Discovering North Georgia: Top Outdoor Activities for Every Adventurer

Outskirts of the waterfall in North Georiga

With its mesmerizing natural treasures, North Georgia has a scenery that draws outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world. This area is a haven for anyone looking for unforgettable outdoor experiences because of its lush forests, sparkling lakes, and heart-pounding thrills. There is something here for everyone, whether your interest is in nature, white water […]

How to Properly Lift, Carry, and Load Your Kayak

How to Properly Lift, Carry, and Load Your Kayak

Kayaking is a popular outdoor activity that lets you explore rivers while getting in touch with nature. At first sight, kayak loading onto a vehicle or trailer and safe water exit techniques can seem complicated. However, it is a false belief that lifting, carrying, and loading a kayak calls for extraordinary physical strength dissuades a […]

White Water Rafting for the Disabled

The rush of white water rafting is an exhilarating experience that knows no boundaries, embracing adventure seekers of all abilities. Contrary to common misconceptions, even those with disabilities can partake in the thrill of navigating rapids. At Southeastern Expeditions, we believe that the river is for everyone, and we’re here to break down barriers. Our […]

Why Rafting Is a Great Team-Building Adventure

  The best team-building water activities combine several factors to make them successful: adventure, excitement, education, camaraderie, and introspection. Team bonding is the essential glue that holds a group of individuals together, transforming them into a unified, effective, and collaborative team. While various activities can contribute to team building, white water rafting stands out as […]

White Water Rafting Vs Kayaking – All You Need to Know

How to Properly Lift, Carry, and Load Your Kayak

White Water Rafting and Kayaking are two of the most exciting water sports that are super fun for everyone involved. If you are someone who’s new to the water sports arena, the differences between the two can be a bit confusing. The two share a similar apparatus, but there are subtle differences that you need […]

Rafting the Chattooga River in the rain.

North East Georgia is much like Florida with rain events all summer.  The reason you see the raft guides doing the rain dances is that the Chattooga is a free flow river.  This means that there is no dams or diversions on the Chattooga.  This Wild and Scenic River derives from some spring/aquifer water, but […]

Top 10 Water Adventures Near Atlanta, Georgia (Photos)

When you want to cool off, bypass the pool and consider the other, more interesting water adventures available to you.  We’re talking about water adventures that don’t just cool you off, but also challenge you and create lasting memories. These could be anything from rafting and scuba diving to kiteboarding and stand-up paddle yoga. If […]

How to Prepare for a Multi-day Rafting Trip (w/packing list)

White water rafting is a great way to experience thrills, enjoy spectacular scenery and bond with friends or colleges. But this unique excursion also requires you to bring with you certain garments and gear — especially if it’s a multi-day rafting trip. This guide will show you how to prepare for a multi-day rafting trip, […]

What to Look for in a White Water Rafting Company

With more than 700,000 avid paddlers throughout the United States and many more becoming interested in white water rafting, reliable white water rafting companies, guide services and outfitters are more vital than ever. You’ll find a growing number of white water rafting companies for your chosen river, which can make finding the ideal match difficult. […]