Best Vacation Packages Near Atlanta, Georgia

Vacation Packages in Atlanta, GeorgiaAre you heading to Atlanta for your next vacation? Then you may need trip ideas for your expedition to this urban paradise. You will find plenty of exciting things to do in the capital of Georgia, including attractions such as the Georgia Aquarium and the Botanical Gardens.

If you are the type of person who seeks thrills on their vacation, you can also find white water rafting near Atlanta that will satisfy your need for adventure. We offer a slew of outdoor activities — highlighted by our overnight rafting vacation packages — you can enjoy when you visit near Atlanta.

We can also recommend other places to go and stay when you visit this grand city, all without breaking the bank. For your guide to the best value vacation packages near Atlanta, read on.

Take a Day Trip Down the Chattooga River

Whether you have rafted down many a river before this or you want to go for the first time, we can ensure you have a wonderful time. We provide rafting packages near Atlanta for all levels of rafting expertise. Are you a novice who wants to ease into the experience? Our expert guides will tailor the trip to your comfort level.

Are you a more experienced rafter who wants to see the wildest parts of the Chattooga? We have trips perfect for you, too. You can navigate Class III and IV rapids that will challenge your mental and physical abilities. When you book a package with us, you can choose the level of intensity and length of the trip. We can also recommend choices based on your desires.

Overnight Rafting Trips Near Atlanta

Want to kick your white water experience up a notch? Then join us for an overnight trip along the Chattooga River. This one-of-a-kind camping trip will be the highlight of your trip. We raft for hours during the day, then we set up camp at night where you can wind down, relax and bunk out in your sleeping bag.

Our guides take care of the cooking for you. Savor one of the best barbeque meals you can imagine, with steak and all the fixings. It’s a well-deserved indulgence after your busy day of paddling. You’ll probably hit the hay early following your invigorating day on the water, but you aren’t done yet. The next morning you arise bright and early for another day of rafting, as you continue to paddle along the river.

We think you will find this experience memorable, and not just because you hit the biggest water drop you have ever encountered along the way. Our overnights give you a taste of adventure you won’t find anywhere else in Atlanta.

Other Fun Things to Do Near Atlanta

Once you have satisfied your need for adventure by rafting the Chattooga, it’s time to explore other destinations in and around Atlanta. You may want to search for packages that will give you extra perks during your stay. If you love roller coasters and plan to make a trip to Six Flags in Atlanta, then you will want to stay at a hotel that sells discounted tickets.

A number of places near the park provide these packages. As a bonus, you will also be close to some of Atlanta’s other must-see sites, such as Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves, and Centennial Park, where the 1996 Olympics took place. If you visit Atlanta during the spring or summer, you can take in a Major League Baseball game or visit one of the area’s minor league baseball squads, such as the Gwinnett Stripers.

Haven’t gotten enough sports-related action? Head to the Porsche Experience Center, where you can drive one of these iconic cars.

Other vacation packages in Georgia highlight natural experiences. Do you have a yearning for further outdoor activities near Georgia? You will want to stop by Buena Vista Lake. The peace and quiet will make you forget you’re near a major urban center. You should also swing by Sweetwater Creek State Park, where you can follow the rocky yet manageable trails to beautiful bluffs. And don’t leave Atlanta without a trip to Olde Rope Mill Park, where you will find miles of trails perfect for hiking or biking.

Checking out the Culture in Atlanta

Following your outdoor fix, it’s time to journey back inside to experience the cultural highlights of Atlanta. Again, you can look for hotels that package tickets to these places with your stay, giving you discounts that can really add up over the course of your trip if you plan to visit a lot of cultural centers.

One must-see? The Georgia Aquarium. View creatures great and small, and purchase a special seal encounter for those who really want to get up close and personal with nature. The 4D theater and beluga interactions make this aquarium stand apart from any you have visited in the past.

Learn about local history with a trip to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. With exhibits ranging from exploring what we eat to seeing how predators attack, you are bound to learn a lot.

No trip to Atlanta would be complete without a stop at the World of Coca-Cola, either. This well-known soda brand has operated in Atlanta for more than 100 years. The men who invented the soda first produced it as an answer to a local prohibition order. Since then, the drink has become one of the most popular in the world. Whether you like the sugary beverage or not, a visit to World of Coca-Cola offers an insightful look at how the soda rose to prominence.

Enjoy These Atlanta Vacation Packages on Your Next Trip

Atlanta makes an ideal destination for your next trip. With a bustling city to explore and enough nearby outdoor activities to satisfy your craving for adventure, you will never be at a loss for something to do in the area. Contact us today to learn more about our outdoor activities near Atlanta and how you can book your upcoming adventure.