Canoe & Kayaking 

Our kayaking clinics are personal, step-by-step instructions on improving one's skills as a whitewater kayaker.  Most of our clinics are one person with an instructor or a very small group who know each other and want to go learn how to kayak together.  Sometimes if there are still spots available and more people want to learn how to kayak, two small groups end up together, in that case, the instructor (or instructors depending on the number of people) focus on basic skills and making sure that everyone gets down the river safely.  It is harder to focus on individual progression of skills when there are more people to watch out for.

The kayaks that we use for clinics are creek boats, meaning that they are more stable than some other smaller whitewater boats.  If you have your own boat and our instructor deems it safe and secure, you can use it during your clinic, otherwise you have to use ours.

We also provide PFDs (personal flotation devices), helmets, paddles, and spray skirts for use by our guests during the clinic.

Please meet at the outpost 7350 Hwy 76 E Clayton, GA 30 minutes prior to triptime. We ask that you fill out the waiver through the link provided ahead of time. If you have problems filling out the waiver please contact our office.

You can find driving directions here.

We do not run our kayak clinics past Highway 76 Bridge, as we are not allowed to take people on Section IV of the Chattooga River.  We also are subject to the water level, if the water level is deemed too high by our staff, we will not take you kayaking down the river for your own safety but we can always discuss other river options for that day or another day.

We do not have a permit to boat everyday, make sure to check with a reservationist before assuming that a clinic is able to go.

If you don’t feel comfortable getting wet, clinics are not for you.  You will be swimming, we teach you how to safely exit the boat after it has flipped over and there is a high possibility that you will, at some point, flip over on accident too.

If you get claustrophobic, kayaking may not be the sport for you.  Whitewater kayaking requires you to be sitting in the boat and enclosed with a neoprene skirt to keep water out, it can be unsettling sitting in the boat upside down and not falling out, maybe ask about a canoe clinic instead if you are still interested in whitewater boating.

If you are out of shape, whitewater boating may not be an enjoyable sport for you.  It is aggressive, there is a lot of walking involved in getting to the river and you may feel unstable in the kayak.  It is exhausting to swim out of the boat multiple times and can be stressful.

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